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Cynthia Rosi, Author and Writer

Cynthia Rosi, Author and Writer

Writer for life — that’s me.

Through it all I’ve been dedicated to quality, studying my own flaws and the brilliance of other writers. I strive to give readers of my novels, articles, and stories pieces that reflect clarity, imagination, and intelligent synthesis. And I’ve done my time in the trenches: On inner-city crime beats, as a radio show host, and by working for corporations on press releases and company journals; writing short stories for magazines and books for major publishers.

The Light Catcher, my latest novel, is due out from Assent Publishing on October 17 2014.

As a young writer, I thought Puss-in-Boots was a role model (always in love with stories!) and I emigrated by myself from Seattle to London, England at the age of 20. In London I worked as a reporter and wrote two books, Motherhunt (Headline UK) and Butterfly Eyes (Headline UK).

I came back to the US with my husband after living for 16 years in England, and won the Ohio Writer’s Contest short story prize for Salmon. My journalism, creative non-fiction, and short stories have been published in anthologies, online, and in print magazines. An MFA candidate at Antioch University, Los Angeles I’m currently working on new fiction and creative non-fiction.


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