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Bookcover, medallion upper leftOdd twins, innocent and haunted. A clairvoyant neighbor who thinks she’s going crazy. But it’s time to hurry. Doubt won’t stop this ticking clock.

The LightCatcher is an Official Selection winner in psychological suspense novels for the New Apple Book Awards.

Butterfly Eyes:

Butterfly Eyes, e-book cover

When Astor Cartwright receives a phonecall from her mother, the last thing she expects to hear is that her brother Stirling is dead. Nothing he’s ever done in the past has surprised Astor – even joining a ‘tribe’ of people who think they’re re-incarnated Native Americans – but this is a shock.

As Astor drives to Stirling’s funeral, she thinks she knows who she’ll meet there: a bunch of loonies, society’s misfits. She’s not wrong. Stirling has left behind his two wives who are raising his beautiful baby daughter.

But the more Astor learns about Stirling’s death, the more she knows that someone is not telling the truth.

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Motherhunt e-book coverPatrick and Charlene Hunter live in constant fear of their father’s violent rages. When teenage Patrick becomes plagued by nightmares involving his mother, he is driven to desperate measures. For his own peace of mind and for Charlene’s sake, he must fly from Seattle to London and solve the mystery surrounding their mother’s death.

Arriving at his old home in Finchley, Patrick is drawn to Kitsy, a defiant single mother living in his former house. Together they embark on a journey of emotional intensity, sexual awakening and chilling discovery as they probe into a terrifying past filled with murder, religious deceit and betrayal.

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