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Articles written prior to 2018:

All audio files, interviews, and clips archived at Word Carver.

  • Are Thoughts Things? A meditation on the power of words to help and heal.
  • An Artist, a Chinese Junk and Old Union Station.  Artist Diane Powell lived in Union Train Station before the City of Columbus tore it down. Powell’s legendary soirees evoke fond memories.
  • Wrangling Volunteers (page 1) (page2) (page3) (page4). Wineries rely on volunteers at crush time, to staff events, and to help harvest. But what makes working for a winery special? The camaraderie, and the perks.
  • Wine, Wine, Everywhere a Wine, profiles Cleveland’s Vintage Ohio Wine Festival, one of the largest wine festivals in Ohio.
  • Tuscan Roots My husband’s father is from Tuscany, and it’s a real treat to go back to the village and spend time with his aunt. One year, she taught us how to dye Easter eggs with madder root, which turns into a gorgeous maroon.
  • One Grower, Huge Impact: The Wisconsin AVA (page 1) (page 2). Steve De Baker takes his civic duties seriously, spending years getting a new AVA approved for Wisconsin to help increase the region’s ability to trade in grapes and wine.
  • Second Life: Barrels Get a Face-lift (page 1) (page 2) (page 3). Re-coopering barrels not only saves trees, it makes financial sense. Every part of the barrel gets recycled once it’s out of service at the winery, into furniture, garden ornaments, even chandeliers.
  • Vino Where You Live. Laura and Tom Noonen put Ohio wines toe-to-toe with nationally-known name brands, to prove that Ohio wines can take on the big boys and win. These champions of local wines know their labels, and they’re not afraid of blazing a trail off the beaten path.
  • Growing Downtown Indy with Easley Winery  Lacking the dramatic backdrop of vineyards, urban wineries, such as family owned Easley Winery in downtown Indianapolis, draw customers with wine, music, art, festivals, and performances.
  • In Pursuit of Beads  Beads tell stories. Used across the centuries as currency, as comfort and expression, beads also travel – like the people who hunt them.
  • Chateau Chantal: from three room B&B to Culinary Destination. First in a three-part series for Midwest Wine Press. Wineries host events to draw customers, and create revenue streams.
  • A Slice of American Dream, profiles restauranteur Jim Velio, an Albanian immigrant who built his restaurant and property portfolio from scratch.
  • Black Rot and Sour Rot, a technical article showing how to prevent those diseases in the vineyard.
  • Groove U, a new training college devoted to musicians and recording artists.
  • 83 Gallery, an examination of this iconoclastic gallery which packs the walls, and the house, with an art-party vibe.
  • There’s a Bit of California in Us All page 1, page 2, The Grapevine Magazine, September 2011. An in-depth examination of which states rely heavily on California grapes, and why.
  • “Cynthia is an extremely professional, hard-working and thorough reporter/editor at WGRN. She shares her experience as an accomplished journalist with the radio community, and produces high-quality, effective programs.” Eugene Beer, Chief Engineer, WGRN-fm

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