Journalism Highlights

There are over 700 articles with accompanying videos stored on MuckRack, including syndications, from my time at NBC4 as a journalist. Here is a selection of stories and why I chose them.


Customers of a computer supplier heard big promises during the supply-chain difficulties of 2021, promises that weren’t delivering the goods. I examined police logs, information from the state attorney general’s office, and reports from the people who said they had been waiting for months for an item. My inquiries also included visiting the business’s empty storefront, and contacting the owner’s lawyer for a statement. Within days after the article, the state initiated a court case against the company. The complete story is here on NBC’s website, but it won’t be visible outside the U.S. Please write to me for full work samples.

Visiting the empty storefront of OG10KTech.

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The little city of Nelsonville caught my attention for its big-city problems: missing people, an outsized problem with drug addiction, and prostitution in its quaint town square. The source of the problems pointed to a jail on its doorstep where discharged prisoners from all over the county walked down a hill into the town — some looking for a fix, some so destitute they walked the road barefoot.

I started by visiting Nelsonville, talking to residents, to the police chief and city staff. I requested financial records for the jail, and jail meeting notes. These two articles started a series that shed light on an ongoing problem, and the city’s work to fix it.

To see the full articles: Inmates jump from jail balcony and Jail inside Nelsonville creates problems for police, cycle of misery for townsfolk.

As a result of these articles, the warden invested in netting to prevent people from jumping off the balcony.

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I’m always wondering about the stories of the people I see in my community. This thirst to understand the human problems behind even a press release led me to go out to Eastland Mall after the city attorney’s office gave information on violations at the derelict site. There I met Ruth, discouraged after buying into a quaint community only to find it was infested with vermin.

Inside the U.S. read the story here. Outside the U.S. email me for a full work sample.

If you are outside the U.S., please email me to see the entire article.

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