SUMMARY:                                                       LinkedIn Profile

NBC4 (WCMH)                                                                         2018-Present

Digital MMJ (2020-2022)

Working for the digital team at on enterprise stories: campus rape, children shot, tenants rights, Appalachian poverty, crime, COVID-19, protest coverage.

Shoot (Sony A7III, iPhone 9 + DJI Osmo) cut (Premiere Pro), and write (WordPress) all stories.

Prepare every morning to pitch for a day-turn. Stories regularly get tens of thousands of page imprints. Footage used by broadcast for evening and morning shows.

Assignment Editor (2018-2020)

Confirm and fact-check breaking news. Send to producers, anchors and editors. Book photographers on shoots. Initiate and pitch stories. Plan newsroom calendar. Write up crime stories for the website. Keep court records up to date. Confirm court bookings and order mugshots. Speak with police, sheriff, fire to confirm reports of breaking news. Monitor protests.


Freelance Writing:                                                                  2011-2018

  • Short North Gazette.
  • Midwest Wine Press.
  • The Grapevine Magazine.

Capital University                Adjunct Instructor              2015-2018

Columbus State CC              Adjunct Instructor              2016-2018

Composition and Rhetoric classes: Create assignments, exercises, classroom schedules and lesson plans. Conference with students regularly, teach rhetorical styles, assess papers for logical flow, adherence to grammatical and rhetorical requirements, and MLA format. Teach critical analysis, research, and documentation. Conversant with the LMS Blackboard and iLearn.

Editor and Show Host, Word Carver May 2016 to 2019

WGRN-fm, 94.1, Columbus Ohio. Saturdays, 12.30-1pm.

Word Carver is dedicated to showcasing the diverse talents of authors and poets in Columbus. Duties include: Interview guests, edit tape, collect tape from Assistant Editor, create show in Soundforge and upload to server. Podcast the tape through iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. Write the show notes and post with pictures. Edit the Word Carver website to reflect the new show notes. Put show notes up to Word Carver on Tweet about the new show, post to the Facebook page, and Instagram.


Selected Creative Non Fiction & Articles

“Are Thoughts Things? A Meditation on the Power of Words to Harm — or Heal,” Talking Writing. URL:

“Short Linebacker Rules the Roost,” Sugar Mule Magazine. URL:

“An Artist, a Chinese Junk and Old Union Station,” Short North Gazette. URL:

“A Slice of American Dream,” Short North Gazette. URL:

“Tuscan,” Greenwoman Magazine, Colorado Springs: Greenwoman Publications. Print.

“The Night Ted Bundy Came into My House and Tried to Kill My Sister with a Knife,” You Magazine (UK).


  • The Light Catcher. Philadelphia: Assent, 2014. ISBN: 978-1-62827-926-9
  • Butterfly Eyes. London: Hodder Headline (UK), 1999. ISBN:0-7472-2120
  • Motherhunt. London: Hodder Headline (UK), 1998. ISBN:0-7472-2119-7


  • Official Selection, Psychological Suspense. The Light Catcher. New Apple Book Awards, Excellence in Independent Publishing. 2015.
  • First Place. “Salmon,” Ohio Writer, November 2007.

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